News from Shanghai

Shanghai Symposium

High oleic oil featured prominently in the latest international symposium on Deep Fat Frying held this year in the vast city of Shanghai in China. A city of 24 million people.

High Oleic Oil is clearly the best oil for deep fat frying but it will take a lot of work to change the ways of friers who are used to using cheap commodity oils.

FlavOil is leading the way by introducing this healthy oil into the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Yes, fat is healthy! A balanced diet needs a perfect three way balance of Fat, Protein and Carbohydrate.

The tricky thing is not to reduce your fat but to eat the right kind of fat. High oleic acid is mainly Omega 9 monounsaturated fat the kind your own body makes for itself. Other fats have too much saturated fat which hardens arteries or they have too much polyunsaturated fats that are great in moderation but most people eat too much of them which also leads to heath issues such as general inflammation -now thought to lead to serious illness.

The Symposium was organised as usual by the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids (Euro Fed Lipid) and featured talks from experts from Germany, the United States, Canada and of course China.

High Oleic Oil is only available in the UK in the form of High Oleic Sunflower Oil. Other high oleic oils are in the pipeline but it is not easy to develop these oils naturally.

In test after test, High Oleic oils come through as the best performing oils because they are resistant to oxidation and will not produce toxins at deep frying temperatures like polyunsaturated oils tend to do.