Fish & Chips Industry

High Oleic Oil is making news in the fish & Chip industry replacing old fashioned and unhealthy oils and fats such as Palm oil and even beef dripping. Many chip shops still use these heavy saturated fats but that is all changing now.

Flavoil is an edible oil company that has introduced High Oleic oil to the 8000 + fish & chip operations in the UK. High Oleic oil is perfect for frying fish & chips because it resists breakdown (where the oil slowly wears out) just like a saturated fat, but with a much healthier nutrition profile.

Says Terry Collinson of Small Fry an independent chip shop, “Best thing in the 30 years I’ve been frying., Used to throw away 5 drums of oil a week. Now we don’t throw any away. Makes frying easy now I have confidence in an oil that lasts and lasts”.