2017 ends on a High for cooking oil

High Oleic oil has captured the imagination of some of the very best frying chefs in the UK over the past year.
FlavOil introduced High Oleic cooking oil to the fish & chip trade (still the largest fast food sector) and 2017 has been the year that it has really taken off.
Simply put, High Oleic is the best quality oil for frying food. The quality shows in the crispy end product and in the performance at high heat that means the oil is healthier at high heat and lasts longer than cheap commodity oils like rapeseed, palm oil and dripping – all cheap oils that are still used by many restaurants.
It is a premium product and costs a little more to buy, but it lasts a long time and serious chefs are interested in the health benefits for their customers. High Oleic oil is healthier to eat, period!
Cheap oils contribute to a national epidemic of obesity and coronary heart disease that affect over 50% of 60 year olds in modern economies like the UK, US and, yes, Italy.
We at FlavOil are very proud of our product, after all, we make this oil from natural seeds, and we control the whole process, right down to delivering the oil in our own FlavOil trucks! But we are prouder of the chefs who have innovated with this healthy alternative oil. Who have changed in some cases, the habit of 30 years for the benefit of their customers health.
Fried food is very good to eat and is the most popular food. It is not junk food – it is served in all the finest restaurants. Fat is necessary for your body and is not in itself unhealthy. You can eat fried food as part of a sensible diet but remember to ask for good frying oil. A plant oil is better than an animal oil, and a high oleic plant oil is better than a regular cheap oil.